When you’re in college, it can be tempting to drop a difficult class. As with most challenges in life, it’s usually better to push through this obstacle and overcome it. However, there are some times when dropping a class is a better decision than continuing with it. If you don’t make a habit of dropping classes, leaving a class that isn’t right for you can actually benefit you in the long run. Most colleges also have a grace period where students can drop or switch classes without penalties. Even if it’s past this point in the semester, it doesn’t mean you still can’t drop, you just have to weigh your options a bit more. Regardless of why you’re considering dropping a class, here are some signs of when it’s time to drop a class and move on to something else.

Your professor isn’t great

A huge red flag for when to leave a class is if the professor is really bad. Just because you do not like a professor very much isn’t a reason to leave, but if they seem prejudiced or do not care about teaching students anything, these are definite signs it’s time to drop the class. If you need to take the class for your major, find someone else who teaches it. If you realize that the professor just isn’t a good teacher, it can also be a sign that it’s time to move on.

It doesn’t fit your level

We’ve all made the mistake of taking classes we thought we’d be interested in or would challenge us, only to find that they were way too easy or completely above our understanding. If you end up in a class that’s more advanced than you expected, drop it. If the class is way too easy, that’s a sign to go too. If you took a class for fun, but realize it’s completely boring, it’s okay to drop it sooner rather than later.

You’re stressing over it too much

If a class is causing you undue stress and is impacting the rest of your life, it might be time to drop it. While some classes are more challenging than others, you shouldn’t spend all your time worrying about a single class and doing poorly in the others. It could be a sign that the professor isn’t great, it’s just not a good time for you to take the class, or there’s something in your life making it more difficult. No matter what, if a single class is ruining other parts of your life, you should probably drop it.

It’s at a bad time

For many people, they feel ambitious when signing up for classes and think they’ll always make that 8am class or be able to spend four hours in an evening class. However, unless the class and professor are incredible, you’ll dread heading to this class. Carefully plan out your schedule and be honest with yourself about whether or not you’ll be willing to get up early or stay in class late.

A better opportunity opens up

For many people, they consider dropping a class because they have a better option. If there’s an open space in a class you need to take or really want to sit in on, drop the class you’re unsure about. If you get an offer for a great internship or job, go for what you’re more excited about. Just because you signed up for a class doesn’t mean you need to pass up better opportunities that interfere with the scheduling.