College can be one of the best times of your life. You’ll make great friends and have incredible experiences. Unfortunately, college students can also easily suffer from academic burnout due to high-stress internships, heavy extracurricular loads, and the responsibilities of their jobs. However, there are ways to maintain focus while attending college and help relieve issues and risk of burnout.

Take a break

Taking a break enables the student to unwind simply by getting away from work and school. This can be a short exploration trip over the weekend to a new place or somewhere relaxing. A change of perspective also works wonders. When your surroundings begin to get too stressful, you might feel overwhelmed.

Do something you enjoy

The laughter from a good comedy show can relieve stress. Reading a book for pleasure can help you unwind. Taking a walk or spending time with a friend will put your current stressful situation into perspective. Whatever it is, find time every day to do something you purely enjoy. No matter how busy you are, you need to make time for yourself or you run the risk of burning out.

Know your limit

A good work ethic is an excellent characteristic, but it is okay to sometimes say “no”. Avoid taking on too many projects or none of them will receive your best effort. You want to put your best foot forward and do a great job, so do not stretch yourself too thin. If there’s an extracurricular activity or extra credit project you just don’t have time for, don’t take it on.

Get rest

Young adults require a minimum of seven or eight hours of sleep every single night. Getting enough rest helps with retaining information and protects emotional wellbeing and physical health. A lack of sleep will have a negative effect on students and can lead to serious issues if it’s a regular habit.

Take care of yourself

Checking in with yourself is important. Evaluate the week ahead and how much you have to do and remember to make time for yourself. Maintain balanced nutrition so your body can create the energy it needs. Exercise is also a great way to get away from what’s burning you out and also gives you endorphins, which often improve mood.

Many students are affected by burnout when they get closer to graduation day or finals. No matter what big event or project is coming up that’s threatening to burn you out, follow these tips in order to stay healthy and happy.