When you head home from college for the summer, it can feel awesome to finally get a break from homework and class. However, you might also feel down because you know you won’t see your college friends nearly as often as you do during school, or even at all. It’s easy to lose touch with your friends over break, but if you want to keep your friendship strong, here are some ways to feel like you’re still living just a short walk away from them.

Plan a visit

If you actually want to see your friends over summer break, plan a visit. Maybe you can each visit one another at some point or you can plan a group trip to a location that’s equally distant from all of you. Maybe one of you has a beach house or cabin you could all head to for a few days. If possible, make an effort to actually see each other over summer break to keep your friendship going strong.

Regularly touch base

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever before to stay in touch with people when you’re separated. Take time to text, call, or interact on social media so your friends are up-to-date on what’s happening in your life. Just simply checking in with each other once or twice a week helps you cultivate your friendship.

Make video calls

In addition to sending messages or talking on the phone, video chat makes staying in touch incredibly easy. You can schedule times to talk to each other and you’ll actually get to see one another’s faces. Video calls are often a refreshing way to touch base since it’s easier to interpret your friend’s reactions and thoughts as you see their facial expressions; it’ll make you feel like you’re speaking in person.

Send a package

People love receiving presents. So, try to send your friends at least one package over the summer. You could send them a mix of items from your hometown or even just something small you know they’d like. They’ll know you’re thinking of them and also have something they can now enjoy. You can let them know you’re planning to send them something or do it completely as a surprise; that part’s up to you!

Watch television together

Thanks to the popularity of Netflix and other streaming services, it’s possible to watch virtually any television show or movie whenever and wherever you want to. Now, you and your friends from college can stay caught up on a show together and watch it at the same time to keep each other up-to-date on your reactions. Plan a regular time for all of you to watch your favorite television show or a great movie and then discuss it as you’re watching.