According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), business has been the single most common college major since 1980. There are many reasons why so many students choose to study business at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Useful in any industry

No matter what industry you end up leaning towards, a business degree can help you land a job and find success. The reason it has a reputation as the one-size-fits-all degree is that there will always be a need for job candidates with core business skills such as management, accounting, planning, and organization. Having these abilities will make your post-grad career choices endless and will set you up for a lifetime of long-term success.


If you aren’t quite sure about the path you want to take in life, business is still a great major. Within the field of business, there are numerous specializations, so a student can start on a regular business trajectory, then switch if they decide to specialize in a more specialized area, such as finance, marketing, accounting or human resources.

Great salaries

For students looking for the quickest return on their educational investment, starting salaries for business majors are in the top five, even at the undergraduate level. The highest paying jobs go to entrepreneurial graduates, either with a bachelor’s degree or an MBA, with e-commerce and marketing following closely behind. For those who take their degree further and invest in getting an MBA, the benefits are consistently higher and the payoff is worth it. There are many companies who won’t even look at a candidate unless they have an undergraduate business degree.

Become an entrepreneur

If you are the entrepreneurial type, then a business degree will provide you with many of the tools you’ll need to start your own company. If you aren’t ready to start your own business immediately, an entrepreneurship minor or a dual entrepreneurial-business major can still help you get a variety of jobs. Being a business consultant is perfect because your core business classes can help you identify other people’s problems and fix them. If you have above average writing skills, becoming a business reporter is also a good match for you if you enjoy researching and reporting on current trends in society.

Get into teaching

If you like educating others, teaching some of your newfound skills is great practice for public speaking and for someday having your own team. The world of sales and marketing is also a great career choice for recent graduates because of the skills every business major learns in their core curriculum. If you have a fondness for numbers, becoming a financial analyst could be a good choice, since you will have the ability to recommend investment opportunities, study current economic trends and prepare detailed reports.