When you enter college, you’re going to need begin using more professional sites. Whether you’re creating a personal profile for yourself to further your career or trying to find reliable research for a paper for school, there are plenty of sites out there that can help you reach your goals and further your academic and professional image. Here are just a few of the many sites you can find that’ll be useful to you while in college, and likely even beyond.


The platform has over 17 million users, and it is one of the most extensive academic social networks. Anyone can join the website and it is famous those working and studying in humanities. Its online presence has facilitated academicians to share their work such as peer review of manuscripts drafts and to share their papers with others once they’re published. Besides, Aacademia.edu allows posting of questions on the site and provides you with a wide array of knowledgeable members to help answer your question.


ResearchGate is a website dedicated to serving scientists. The goal of the network is to assist researchers in connecting with one another and share their publications as well as ask questions. The site has over 5 million members, so the chances of getting familiar people on the site are high.

The most exceptional tool offered by the ResearchGate is the Q&A forums. It enables a user to post questions on various topics such as ethics, theory, or any other science-related issue and get instant input from researchers from anywhere around the globe. More important is the fact that ResearchGate’s members are reasonably active and participate in the online discussions.


With this website, anyone can write a profile, which is mostly an online resume. Although it is primarily business oriented, LinkedIn is geared towards all professions. One can connect with friends to build a network and join groups of particular interests as well as follow institutions or organizations to keep abreast with job postings and events. Currently, LinkedIn is the number one site for professional networking.


Mendeley is one the most extensive research databases in the world and an incredible social network for scientists. One of the unique features of the site is the simple profile pages that enable one to list publications, grants, and info from CV. Also, it facilitates uploading of papers in addition to connecting and following people in a particular field. The fact that it suggests papers which might be of interest to the user based on their library makes it stand out from other websites. Mendeley is a great tool to stay updated on research trends in a given field.

Personal website

Personal websites are easy to make and can be made for free depending what platform you use to create yours. A personal website or blog not only increases the online presence of a college student, but also improves their chances of being found by prospective employers.