An internship is an amazing opportunity for a young professional to develop skills, improve their resume, and network with veterans in their industry. Not only that, but strong interns often receive job offers from the company they intern at after their internship, or when graduation rolls around. This possibility for a job after graduation means it’s critical for interns to make the best impression they can while at the company. Below are four ways to be a fantastic intern and work toward that first full-time job.

Get all the background information possible

If someone’s already gotten the internship, that means they probably did their homework before the interview. If you didn’t look deeply into the company before getting your internship, take the time as early as possible to do in-depth research on the company and the people who work there. Look online and ask your supervisor; learn about the long-term goals of the company and how you can help the business reach them.

Another great approach is to be sure you understand the organization’s culture and origins. The more a new intern knows, the more impressive they’ll appear to those they interact with in the company. For interns who really want to go above and beyond, it’s a good idea to email their direct supervisor to see if they have any recommended reading.

Stay committed

It’s one thing to show up on time every day, but interns should go the extra mile and stay late when needed too. Direct supervisors notice this extra effort and if a job opens up as an internship is ending, they’ll like advocate for the intern to step in. While you don’t want to neglect other areas of your life for an internship, put in the extra effort and show you care about the job.

Act like it’s a real job

If an intern wants their direct supervisor to take them seriously, then the intern needs to take the internship seriously. This means treating it like a real job. The fact of the matter is, an internship really is a job. The work of an intern, no matter how small, still has an effect on the company as a whole.

Seek out mentors

A great way to make the most of an internship is by having a mentor. A mentor not only offers additional support, but gives a new intern the ins-and-outs of both the company and the industry. This insider information is very valuable to being successful not only during the internship, but in the career that follows.

Completing an internship is the first step in career growth. The four tips in this article will help new interns not only be amazing during their internship, but set themselves up for future success.