When you’re in college, the last thing you probably want to do during the summer is take more classes. Sometimes, you have to take a class over the summer because you failed a class during the year. Or, maybe you’re double majoring and need to take extra classes to graduate on time. No matter your plan for college, there are clear benefits to taking summer classes, whether you need to or if you’re doing it just because you have the time.

Graduate early

One of the biggest benefits of taking classes during the summer is that it allows you to graduate early. Leaving college and your friends might not seem like the best step to take, but it’ll save you money and help you get a jumpstart on your career. Graduating early is especially useful if you’re planning on heading to grad school or have a job lined up for once you’re done with school. Being able to graduate a year or even a semester early can save significant amounts of money and help you move forward in your education and career.

Complete a major

If you’re double majoring or have two minors or some other combination of degrees, taking summer classes can help you complete a major and still graduate on time. For some majors, there are too many requirements to finish both in four years, so it’s necessary to either take extra classes during the semester (which can be stressful) or simply take a class or two over the summer. It’ll be more laid back, you’ll have plenty of time to focus and study, and it makes your year less stressful.

Learn something interesting

If there’s a class you’re interested in taking, but can’t fit it into your schedule during the year, taking it over the summer is a wonderful option. Instead of not being able to take the class or being stressed out by enrolling in an extra class during the year, take this course over the summer when you have time to really focus on it and enjoy the material.

Free up time

Taking classes over the summer can easily mean you have to take fewer during the school year. Freeing up your time throughout the year can be a great option, especially if you’d like to work more, take on an internship, or just have more free time during college. You’ll be surprised how much more time you have during the year just by not having to take one class.