A college job fair is one of the best places to find a post graduate full-time job or even an internship for the summer. Recruiters are literally coming to the candidates instead making the students scour career websites and search for a job they might like. College career fairs are incredible opportunities to find a job you’re interested in at a company you like. You get to actually speak with people who work there and make connections before you apply. Here are some tips to making the most of your college’s career fair and setting yourself up for future success.

Keep an open mind

Keeping an open mind can lead to untold positive life changes. The same principle should be applied to college job fairs. By staying limited to only job openings that fit a preset checklist, the opportunity of ever discovering new passions and opportunities is entirely diminished. Visit as many booths as possible and talk with a variety of people in many different fields. The possibilities of roles that a job seeker could end up in are practically limitless and it would not be possible to explore them without an open mind.

Professional attire

How a candidate is presented to recruiters is usually what creates a first impression. If the job seeker is dressed well and looks professional, that sticks in the minds of recruiters. Conversely, underdressed candidates are often remembered as seeming unprepared and ill equipped to conduct an on-the-spot interview. In fact, studies have shown that dressing professionally is one of the major factors in getting hired for the job of your choice.

Follow Up

One of the most underappreciated things about a job fair is what to do once it is over. Many believe that after the job fair, candidates should wait to hear back from the recruiters and immediately apply for a job. In fact, the first point of contact should always be a follow up to thank the recruiters for attending the event and speaking with you. This step shows exemplary communication skills and can be a deciding factor in giving out job or internship offers. It also helps you foster connections at the companies you’re the most interested in applying for jobs at.

Never underestimate the benefits of attending a college job fair. It could end up being the springboard for a lifelong career. There is never a guarantee of a job, but by employing the above tips, the possibility of landing a dream job is greatly increased.