Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos is an undergraduate student at the University of Miami.

A driven and enthusiastic young professional, Bobby is working toward a career in business and finance.

Haralambos Bobby Geroulanos

Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos is a student at the University of Miami, focusing on completing his undergraduate degree. He’s primarily interested in the way that smart business and financial planning can bring innovative ideas to life, which is why he plans to major in finance and business. Bobby believes that smart money management is the key to success for a business; so much of a business’s success depends entirely on their cash flow and how well they’re able to generate a profit. Many companies offer great products or services, but overestimate the amount of capital they need to run the business and end up going broke.

To be a successful business owner, Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos knows it’s important for all businesses to realistically evaluate their finances. Far too often, entrepreneurs are not honest with themselves about the amount of capital necessary to sustain their business and often make decisions that are far too taxing on their means and end up tanking the company. It’s vital that business owners, especially newer ones, have an understanding of finance and how it plays into their business’s success. If those entrepreneurs do not have a solid understanding of business finance, it’s important that they find someone who does and can help with that aspect of the company.

Bobby Geroulanos is exceedingly passionate about philanthropy, particularly the intersection of philanthropy and business; he previously invested in a clothing company that donated a portion of its profits to clean water efforts in parts of Africa. Bobby is incredibly passionate about helping others and believes it’s our duty to participate in philanthropy in some capacity in our lives. There are so many issues throughout the world that need our immediate attention, which means everyone needs to somehow pitch in to make the world a better place. A huge part of improving an issue is having enough money to fund the philanthropies working to find a solution or provide the resources needed to meet the need of that particular cause. Bobby Geroulanos believes it’s important that no matter who you are, you find a way to give back, to the world as a whole or even just to your local community.

Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos’s most recent work experience was at Spinn Construction LLC, where he served as Personal Assistant to the CEO. Bobby Geroulanos balanced day-to-day office tasks with numerous opportunities to get directly involved with construction projects, including pricing out jobs, finding property, supervising construction sites and delivering supplies. This position allowed Haralambos Geroulanos to gain extensive experience with business and he learned a considerable amount from the job, which has influenced his idea for future endeavors and careers. Bobby hopes to use this experience to facilitate his future efforts in working with companies who wish to examine their finances and improve in any area possible.

This blend of administrative and on-site responsibilities gave Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos a more well-rounded perspective of business, which he considers crucial for success. He first made this observation back in 2013, when he began working as a manual laborer at Trident Developers NY and later transitioned into an Office Assistant role. Bobby went on to work at local family-owned and operated food places in Brooklyn before joining Spinn Construction for the summer of 2016. Having a holistic view of business is vital to success, especially for those running the business. There are so many small parts of a business that it can easily seem overwhelming when attempting to understand them all at once, so Bobby Geroulanos is incredibly grateful for the experience he’s gained that’s made understanding the intricacies of business much easier.

For the younger generation, Bobby Geroulanos sees vast opportunities for young adults to get involved in business in a variety of ways. There are plenty of roles within a company to fill and younger workers can provide fresh insight and perspective. Personally, Bobby hopes to be able to use his knowledge and experience to focus on the financial aspects of business and help improve companies, particularly those that may just be starting out. Startup experience can be invaluable; spending just a couple of years working for a startup provides employees with generous experience outside of their specific role and helps provide them with insight on how a business is run and what leads to its success. Working at a startup or smaller business also teaches the value of hard work and gives employees an idea of how each individual is invaluable to the company as a whole.


As someone who was born and raised in Brooklyn, Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos continues to seek out ways to support local organizations or businesses and help them thrive. As mentioned above, Bobby is passionate about philanthropy and helping others. For example, he is a Greek Orthodox Church youth group volunteer in his community, something he is particularly passionate about. Bobby hopes to help others learn about their Greek heritage and culture and also enjoy doing so. For six years Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos was also the Greek band drummer for The Greek School of Plato.

Outside of The Greek School of Plato, a nonprofit arts, culture, and education school, which is the organization he spends time volunteering at and where his entire family is active, Bobby Geroulanos wants to do all he can to continue improving the Brooklyn neighborhood he lives in and see its people thrive. Bobby truly values the concept of community and how it can make a neighborhood a much better place. People who live in a neighborhood with a strong sense of community look out for each other and often report feeling more satisfied with where they live.

While Bobby Geroulanos is passionate about helping out in his home community, he also enjoys helping people abroad. While he was in high school, Bobby participated in the program Where There Be Dragons, which provides leadership and global citizenship programs to those who choose to participate in it. Bobby took a trip to Northern India as part of a cultural immersion program. However, while he was there, Bobby Geroulanos got to do much more than simply experience the local culture. He was able to help at local schools, worked with children from the community, and helped manage crops. This program provided the opportunity for participants and locals to learn and thrive together.
Part of the reason Bobby Geroulanos was so interested to participate in this program and pursue philanthropic opportunities around the world was that he has spent considerable time traveling with his family and exploring other cultures. Bobby believes that travel is a great way for people to learn about the world and experience other cultures. Taking shorter trips and simply learning the history of a different place can teach a lot about a culture or people different from yourself.